Hello! If your reading this, either you are very good at trawling through tons of obscure content or you are a friend of me IRL.

Either way though, you probably want to know what this campaign is about. It's based on/in the "same" world as the children's series Wings of Fire (WoF for short). The campaign is built around putting a twist on the stereotypical "chosen one" type format by having a "doomsday prophecy" that literally predicts a unpreventable new order created by a tyrant. The catch? Well, I just mentioned it, the PC's aren't part of the prophecy. In fact, they're regular people/dragons/whatever that in theory should be completely unable to do anything about this.

So yeah, this campaign is about doing the impossible quite literally.

Some little mechanical stuff:

1. The campaign is run in a completely new system hand-made for WoF stuff. 

2. The campaign will be very difficult. No take backs, if your dead your dead. By denying fate you have removed any chance of it taking mercy on you.

3. I need at least a functional group. Characters who bicker and whine about everything will probably die quickly, and not because I want them to.

After out read through those disclaimers, read up about some of the important things:


F, Fanon

SC, Semi-canon

C, canon 

  • Prophecy of Pain (F)
  • The Talons of Peace (SC)
  • Major NPC List (Mostly F)



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